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среда, 25 сентября 2013 г.
1335 Chains to your neverending utopia 20:03:23
Many days ago we left our home
With swords to ride into the night
Fighting side by side to destroy our foes
And leave them without life.

Название песни:

Категории: Unknow
1334 Chains to your neverending utopia 20:00:57
Too many fools blocking my motion
Clouding my eyes...must be the potion
Spots on my eyes...must be the lotion
Love in a's so numb
Avoid in's so dumb
Love in a void.

Исполнитель: Darkthrone
Название песни: Love In A Void
Угадал: ­Джонни Ринго
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1333 Chains to your neverending utopia 19:58:55
Сегодня у нас снова угадайка текстов песен.

Oh, Alice, dear where have you been?
So near, so far or in between?
What have you heard what have you seen?
Alice, Alice, please, Alice!

Исполнитель: Danny Elfman
Название песни: Alice's Theme
Угадал: ­Martyrium
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вторник, 24 сентября 2013 г.
1332 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:15:12
*Очень большой размер.

Категории: Picture, "Beauty and the Beast"
1331 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:13:39

Категории: Picture, Anime, Female, Animals
1330 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:12:43

Категории: Picture, Female, Fantasy, Warriors, Witches
1329 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:11:28

Категории: Picture, "Beauty and the Beast"
1328 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:09:45

Категории: Picture, Female, Animals
1327 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:08:05

Категории: Picture, Amanda Seyfried
1326 Chains to your neverending utopia 16:05:57

Категории: Picture, Anime, Female
воскресенье, 22 сентября 2013 г.
1325 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:25:42
Thor! Odin's son
Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate
Your destiny awaits
Thor! Hldyn's son
Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate
Ragnark awaits.

Исполнитель: Amon Amarth
Название песни: Twilight Of The Thunder God
Угадал: ­Snufkin
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1324 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:24:23
He's The One
Who Likes All Our Pretty Songs
And He Likes To Sing Along
And He Likes To Shoot His Gun
But He Knows Not What It Means
Don't Know What It Means
When I Say:

Исполнитель: Nirvana
Название песни: In Bloom
Угадал: ­вьетнамский снайпер
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1323 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:21:23
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
You try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
And there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself.

А вот эту песню, по-моему, знаю многие.

Исполнитель: Pixies
Название песни: Where Is My Mind
Угадал: ­вьетнамский снайпер
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1322 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:18:21
Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Dreaming of the steam
the pounding sounds
Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Won't you electrify my soul
intensify it all.

Исполнитель: Delain
Название песни: Mother Machine
Угадал: ­Snufkin
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1321 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:17:06
I waited eight long months,
She finally set him free
I told him I couldn't lie,
He was the only one for me
Two weeks and we'd caught on fire
She's got it out for me,
But I wear the biggest smile.

Исполнитель: Paramore
Название песни: Misery Business
Угадал: ­Snufkin
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1320 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:15:22
Nothing's wrong
except for me falling apart
Nothing's wrong
it's tearing pieces of my heart
Nothing's wrong
except for me falling apart
but I fell down right from the start
Nothing's wrong, right?

Название песни:

Категории: Unknow
1319 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:14:10
Weak and frightend,
Paralyzed and naked,
They are children running for their lives.
Lives are taken,
Terrorists mistaken
For they use the young ones as refined living shields.

Название песни:

Категории: Unknow
1318 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:11:01
I'm waking up
I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems grow
Welcome to the new age
To the new age
Welcome to the new age
To the new age
I'm radioactive
I'm radioactive

Исполнитель: Imagine Dragons
Название песни: Radioactive
Угадал: ­Марти. как зебра.
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1317 Chains to your neverending utopia 17:09:02
Пришло время угадаек! Сегодня у нас будут тексты песен.

And it feels like I am just too close to love you.
There's nothing I can really say.
I can't lie no more, I can't hide no more,
Got to be true to myself.

Исполнитель: Alex Clare
Название песни: Too Close
Угадал: ­God knows you are lonely souls
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1316 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:46:02

Категории: Picture, "The Big Bang Theory"
1315 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:44:43

Категории: Picture, "Sleeping Beauty", Gif
1314 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:43:06
­­ ­­ ­­

Категории: Picture, Female, Art
1313 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:42:09

Категории: Picture, "Tarzan"
1312 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:40:44

Категории: Picture, "Supernatural", Gif
1311 Chains to your neverending utopia 10:39:59

Категории: Picture, "Peter Pan", Gif

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